Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hi, my name is Bex, and i talk backwards.

Right. So, I often forget that i'm a mutant. A mutant Superhero, of course, but a mutant nonetheless. Manz and I went to rock karaoke tonight at the R Bar, and after some mildy successful forays:
1) I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown Rats // over-emotional and on-key. YAY!
2) Working in a Coalmine -- Devo // possibly my bestest 'oke ever, because it's staccato and low
3) Romeo & Juliet -- Dire Straits // very emotional, because i played Method and thought of this boy on whom I have a ferocious crush but he doesn't live in NYC and thus strong emotions are easy to summon.
4) We Didn't start the Fire -- Billy Joel. // BUT, BACKWARDS.

i realized i could speak backwards in 6th grade -- we were playing this word game in which one had to try to find the longest word that read as two real words when read both forward and backwards.

as in, you'd say: "A winged mammal and a soft drink"
and the answer would be: "bat and tab."

i wanted to win. (incidentally, here's the longest I've ever found:
"strung out and a sweet treat after a meal" --
dessert and stressed.

Anyhoo, so we were walking home from Clara E. Coleman Elementary school and singing "We Didn't Start the Fire" and i was thinking about the game and then the lyrics started coming out backwards. And thus, a wondrous party trick was born-ed-ed.

So. My roomie DESTESTS Billy Joel (BJ) (heh heh. would you give BJ a BJ? totally. with ball-licking) and he wasn't there so i was like, "Yay, i'm SO doing We Didn't Start the Fire!" And Mandy said, "Do it backwards."

And so I did.

And it felt good. Damn good. Almost as good as nipple-pinching.

So, friends, what I've learned -- I'm a lot happier when i'm a mutant freak.

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