Friday, May 02, 2008

tRNA! Peptide Bonds!

Tigers. I was enlightened by this video my senior year in high school at the very end of AP Bio. (It was deliciously retro goodness back then, but it comes from Stanford University, circa 1971). It's an interpretative dance depicting protein synthesis with a narrative loosely based on Jabberwocky. I think the performance herein says absolutely everything about why it wouldn't have sucked to be a senior in college in 1971. Sometimes, I wish I lived in this sort of world.

(This might be long, but you will learn everything you ever needed to know about protein synthesis and you might also want to do some modern interpretative dance with me, STAT.)

(oh, and the good stuff starts at 3:22ish. You can skip the introductory lesson if you just want to get to the drum circle-y tone poem biology hippie creamy nougat).

Let me just say: amino ACID.

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Unknown said...

Them ribosomes look like they're enjoying themselves just a little TOO much, by educational standards.