Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House's FIRE CANE (which is also MY fire cane)

Last night on "House," drunken House forgot his firecane and Amber had to get on the bus to give it to him (even though she had driven to the bar, which was weird, because why would she leave her car at the bar and take the bus with House, shouldn't she have let House get on the bus sans cane and then dropped the cane off at his townhouse, or even given it to Wilson to give to House the next day at Plainsboro Teaching Hospital? I guess if she hadn't gotten on the bus, we'd have no two-part finale, but for a smart lady, I thought she made a dumb-ass choice). But! We got a nice long look at House's firecane, which just so happens to also be MY firecane, because I am hobbling around on it since I can't put any weight on my right foot, which is the foot with the broken big toe. So I was clutching my House firecane just when House received his own firecane! So House and I shared a real moment!

Of course, my friend Lindsayism / 'gum already blogged about House and his/my firecane last week so you already know where to get a House firecane of your very own.

But you should be forewarned that I already have House's firecane and since I am biting his style, you will be biting mine. But I'm sort of okay with that. Firecanes can take NYC by firestorm! (I am on a lot of painkillers. Forgive me).

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Anonymous said...

Ooh. Gee! How'd you break your toe, Bex? Sorry to hear you've injured yourself.