Monday, November 03, 2008

Tweet Tweet Tweedely Deet

Oooh-ey, I am just back from pilates and boy is my back tired! No, really! It is. My back. It's tired. Not my arms, because I didn't just fly in from San Francisco. Thank you, tip your waitress.

So I very much enjoy Twitter, mostly because it's the best part of Facebook (the status updates) without the Vampire/Crush on You/Movie Quiz clutter. I guess I just like to know what other people are doing. It makes me feel connected. And we all need to feel connected, am I right ladies 'n' gendearms? Exactly. So, as testament to what is awesome about Twitter, and because it is almost midnight and I spent the night making Obama-themed snacks for tomorrow night's Election Watching of joy (right? Can I say that? Surely, it's going to happen? For the good? Great Scott, I can't even deal with it. Squeeeeeeeeeee) and I am just now enjoying a dinner of Soygurt and settling in to watch my tv (I watch SO MUCH TV! You'd never believe it if I told you! It is SO GREAT that I don't sleep!)and I was like "ooh, time to twitter!" (I guess you're supposed to say "time to tweet" but that makes me feel squirmy). And so, to testify as to why I like the twitter the oh so much, let me share this exchange (names changed from twitter names to actual first names, because, oddly enough, that guarantees anonymity! Say WHUT? I know. Googleability, ur doing it wrong!). Henceforth:

Bex: will not be able to sleep tonight. is this how the non-jews feel on Xmas eve (20 minutes ago)

Tom (in response): YES! (19 minutes ago)

Ben (in response to Tom's response): GAAAAAAA (17 minutes ago)

Bex (in response to Ben's response to Tom's response): egads! i suddenly grok all those Xmas cartoons & stopmotion tv shows. Good grief. I'll put out (soy) milk & cookies (15 minutes ago)

And then right after that, it's
BarackObama: Asking you to vote Nov. 4th. Visit, call 877-874-6226 or text VOTE to 62262 to find your polling locations

So. Yeah. Twitter. I loves it.

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University of Southern California Squirrels said...

Hi Bex,

We're big fans of twitter, too, though that's not why we are commenting here- we couldn't find away to to contact you beside posting in comments, so forgive the misplaced comment, Not sure if this kind of thing (off topic comments placed under a post) gets on your nerves- we apologize if it does.

Full disclosure, here:

We are in the process of networking via Linked In and saw that your interests include squirrels, so we tried to "link" to you but the software said oh no you didn't.

The puppy Scraps is neat- do you know him/her?

Anywho, take care, network with us if you'd like, otherwise good luck in your endeavors and take care


USC Squirrels