Friday, September 05, 2008

Dirty looks! Dirty looks!

An anecdote:

In 3rd grade, a friend and I were totally obsessed with Alice Cooper's song “School’s Out” and we brought the song in and played the cassette for our class around the last day of school, after which I exclaimed “Dirty looks! Dirty looks!”

And, like, totally kept on doing that for months and months whenever I was excited about something. “The ice cream man! Dirty looks! Dirty looks!”

Because I have a long and sundried history of mis-interpreting lyrics, I somehow determined that the refrain from the song went “No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers! Dirty looks!”

As if “Dirty Looks!” was something that you would say when you were stoked about something, eg “School’s out for summer! Right on! Dirty looks!”

I mean, I did that for MONTHS. It wasn’t like I was trying to make “Dirty Looks” happen, I sort of assumed it was something that the cool kids (because who was cooler than Alice Cooper?) said.

“Oh boy, a new episode of Alf is on tonight? DIRTY LOOKS! DIRTY LOOKS! DIRTY LOOKS!”

So, on that note: I'm going to LA on Monday. Who wants to hang out? Dirty looks! Dirty looks! Dirty looks!

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