Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Remembering When ... When Friendster Was Awesome back in 2003

Today on Toxicpop, you can see a BLAST FROM THE PAST. It's from the way back machine, back from 2003, when World News Tonight (news friend Peter Jenning! Hearts and misses!) did a piece about Friendster and Robert Krulwich basically calls me a whore in the nicest way possible.

Also, I should note that we taped this on my birthday and I was a little out of it which is why my hair is all shoved up on my head (remember when it was that color red? Awwwww.)


Anonymous said...

Aww, shucks! 2003: the year Bexession (tm) hit the airwaves! "All you need is one Bex, and the whole world is suddenly much smaller." ;-)

Meanwhile, I remember my dismay when I found out that I had, like, four degrees of separation from the Bexalicious. FOUR. When your third degree comprehended a whooping 700,000+ people. Heh. I quit Friendster in disgust shortly thereafter!

Anonymous said...

yeah, wow, you're like the websters example of a net whore in that video.