Friday, March 14, 2008

Me on the TV on the Youtube

Astute readers will notice a new category directly to the right --------> "Bex on the TV." I've been inspired and motivated by my friends who have many many many hilarious videos that you should watch on the internet, and I realized that I don't have any of my tv appearances on the youtube and I had been saving a lot of them on my DVR and then my DVR died but my friend JJB (BSG whut whut?) taught me how to do this miraculous wonder of magically poofing them from the world wide web and onto youtube (you know, for the kids) and now I have some of my tv appearances on the youtube and I hope no one minds. Track my changing hair colors and diets! What fun!

... Such as this classic, from that long ago summer when "Superman Returns" was about to open and there wasn't really any chatter that he was gay but we pretended there was. I love it more than anything because I am wearing Underoos on MSNBC. UNDEROOS ON MSNBC! Who the frak is more probably insane than that? Yeah.

Gratuitous Underoo Shot!


Brad O'Farrell said...

I got about halfway through it, then all that talk about homosexuality made me remember why I got on my computer in the first place. TO XTUBE! *Flies away*

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