Friday, October 19, 2007

ROCK BAND BAND hits the Internets

You guys, I know I've disappeared off the planet for several months because I've been working on a documentary called "ROCK BAND COMETH: THE ROCK BAND BAND STORY."

It's the real true story of ROCK BAND BAND, the greatest band ever to rock out on plastic instruments.

ROCK BAND BAND is live on the internets!

In fact, you can read their tour survival guide RIGHT HERE!

And, if you're REALLY awesome, you can befriend Rock Band Band on myspace! (they're a little late to the myspace game because they only just learned how to use the internets).

ROCK BAND COMETH: THE ROCK BAND BAND STORY will be hitting the airwaves soon. Stay tuned for details, and in the meantime, enjoy the worldwise re-release of Rock Band Band's groundbreaking stop-motion video (they made this long before anyone had even dreamed of combining music, video, and stop motion animation). Videos

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