Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not Just Any Band ... it's Rock Band Band

I'm pleased to announce the on-air launch of a documentary I wrote and directed called: ROCK BAND COMETH: THE ROCK BAND BAND STORY.

It's about the hardest-rocking, most kickawesome, debaucherous band EVER, who just happen to rock out on plastic instruments.

The doc will be coming to VH1 Classic soon (stay tuned for details), but just to whet your appetite, check out Rock Band Band at There, you can see photos of the band, check out their timeline, and watch their legendary stop-motion music video (they did it long before Peter Gabriel even thought of "Sledgehammer") and, most excitingly, the first act from the documentary.

Additionally, Rock Band Band only just learned how to use the internets and the band members would be pleased as punch if you'd become their myspace myfriend.

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