Thursday, November 10, 2005

Getting Better All The Time

Okay, so I'm in a better mood. I love going to the gym on Wednesday nights and watching America's Next Top Model while I'm doing cardio -- nothing makes an hour go faster. And I totally dug on tonight's judging competition bits -- I actually laughed so hard during the impromptu commercial montage, I almost fell off the elliptical.

And I'm writing some stuff that's making me happy, which is always a good feeling.

And I've been listening to Tegan & Sara's album "So Jealous" on repeat, and that's keeping me awesome. And now I'm dorking out and listening to the Killers' "Mr. Brightside," which is my guiltyguilty pleasure of good-feeling and it's making the thunderstorm less disturbing.

And here's what I wanted to share: No matter where, no matter when, no matter how, I am always amused and entertained and quietly thrilled when someone starts a conversation by saying, "Longtime listener, first-time caller."

I wish there were more of that in the world, I rightly do.

Also, I'm so glad the person on Lost who died tonight was the person on Lost who died! (How's THAT for not giving anything away, my little Tivo-watching readers?)

Also, if you have HBO On Demand, I highly recommend watching One Night Stand #59, Flight of the Conchords. It tickled my funnybone in the most delightful of ways and I heart them.

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