Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ceci N'est Pas un Penis

Ceci n'est pas un penis, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

So whilst we were at my boyf's cabin this weekend, I decided I wanted to buy some colored pencils so I could sketch costumes for the Up With People theatre troupe that was forming in my head. So we drove into town and visited their lovely art store, right on Main Street.

And imagine my surprise when we got to the cashier, and directly above her head was a furry grey penis! I tried to mutter sotto voce, "Is it me, or is that dirty?" but there were children all around me and I fear I was not too sly. The cashier (pretended, at least) ignored me, and we paid for our purchases and left, but not before I snapped this photo of what THE MAN wants you to believe is simply a harmless elephant mask, although if you were to wear this mask, people would point and laugh at you for wearing a penis on your face, with a symmetrical scrotum resting just below your chin.

Actually, you would be awesome. But people would probably still laugh and call you "Dickface" behind your back.


Ms. Lori said...


I swear to god I just laughed exactly like that -- I actually said "Haw."

The Paradox said...

That is the dummest mask I've ever seen ! LOL :-)