Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magical Scallions

Once upon a time, I was watching Next Food Network Star and Melissa d’Arabian said that a good money-saving trick was to put the white end-bits of your scallions into a glass of water, because your scallions would magically regrow! (Without being planted in dirt or anything!)

I do this all the time now, but whenever I share my Magic Scallion trick, people are always shocked. So I wanted to share: these are scallions growing in glasses of water in my bedroom (next to the catnip. don’t ask). These scallions were cut down to their endy-bits just a week ago, when I used them for garnish on Bittman’s recipe for cold sesame noodles (modified with tofu and extra chili paste). And now: behold, they are scallions anew!

Just make sure the water level stays at the top of the glass, and change the water if it gets narsty.

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