Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dance Central Promo! (it will blast your socks off!)

I wrote/directed this promo for Dance Central. You can view this version and the alt cut at this superspecial page right here! I am super thrilled with these spots! The game is so much fun and so delightful and I love it so much.

It stars many awesome people from New York City / The Internets. People such as:
Carolyn Castiglia
Tyler Coates
Jessica Delfino
Ron Dizon
Ilana Glazer
Lucas Hazlett
Sergio Mejia
Heather Mingo
Paul Wielunski
Keisha Zollar

I do not know why the freezeframe is Tyler Coates (making his patented “confused face”), but I am thrilled to the gills that it is.

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