Wednesday, October 13, 2010

... with two, baloney!

When I was home during Christmas break of my frosh year from college, my little brother and I stayed up late one night. In fact, we stayed up so late, there was nothing good on tv, so we turned to the tv guide thing that used to come in the Sunday times. Do they still do that? The print version of the NY Times tv guide thing? Anyway. We were looking through it for something to watch at 4am, and it said:
"With Six You Get Eggroll" ... with two, baloney!
To me, this is a paragon of blurb-humor and I aspire to its greatness on a daily basis.

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Isaiah said...

I want to know what the "eggroll" means, though I'm probably guessing wrong that it is a touching story about adopting a Chinese child, not unlike NPR's Scott Simon and his newscaster-ly hot French wife. Otherwise, it's hard not to think that Doris Day looks a lot like Kurt "Jack Burton" Russel under a lot of makeup, but that may be the tryptophan influencing me.