Thursday, July 02, 2009

The VH1 Mobile Site -- Have More Fun With Your Phone!

Fun with greenscreen and stock footage! Typically, I wouldn't post a vh1 spot on the internets, but the level of sillyness in this spot tickles me pink. Or green. Greenscreen. Also, I play (the voice of) a panda in it. PANDA. So, uh, to make this relativistically kosher, if you watch the spot, then you have to go to the vh1 mobile site on your smartypants phone. on your phone, yo.

Oh, credits:
I wrote and directed it.
Amber Harris produced it.
Sound fx genius = Matt Richman
Flame awesomeness = Mark Bernardo
Smoke tracking/comping perfection, moon embossing and skywriting: Dale Boyce, Creative Group

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