Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Ryan Murphy; Please Hire Me

Because I sort of feel like everything would be better were I working for GLEE. Oh, GLEE. You will so very much totally be my new favorite show this fall. Especially if you continue to do things like this:

Full disclosure: sure, Don't Stop Believing is mad over-exposed and over-used, son, (as per Uncle Grambo over at Vulture), but that still doesn't stop me from dropping to my knees to interpretative-dance it at weddings.

And sure, there are clearly 20 people singing even though we see 5 members of the Glee Club on stage, and sure, it's RIDICK when the Zac Efron jock guy plays the drums and then hands off the drumsticks and the drums keep playing, but, frak it: this show has Jane Lynch saying things like "your resentment is delicious" and it features cheerleaders who are so Bring-it-On-y that they're wearing the EXACT SAME CHEERLEADING OUTFITS as the Toros, and the writing is pretty damnfine good in a this-is-smarter-than-your-typical-hour-long-drama-about-singing-teen-dreams way and Ryan Murphy et al. are sort of awesomely being straight up about high school life, and luckily people only burst into song when they're practicing or auditioning (to "On My Own," no less) or in fantasy scenes, and seriously, when the kid in the wheelchair plays that guitar solo, isn't it wonderful?


Aaron said...

And c'mon... 20 high schoolers doing a song & dance number to "Rehab"? That alone was worth the price of admission.

I can only hope there will be that many ridiculously sublime songs to come.

Anonymous said...

Glee: Pilot crash into 1 World Trade Center.

Anonymous said...

have you ever heard the Petra Hayden sing this?
She also did an entire acapella version of THE WHO! SELLS OUT,
using her incredibly flexible voice to simulate every instrument.

xo stvrmnd