Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In My Head, It Is Always Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber Night

I just want to say: Castro, you fool, you should have done Heaven on Their Minds.
(I am still on Team Castro, because my eight-year-old little-girl heart still thinks that the modulation in "Memory" is the most beautiful thing ever). (Also, I sort of love "Cats" in a sort of ridiculously nostalgic way).

However, I also want to say that while I am elated that Ms. Carly tackled the awesomeness that is JCS, her version of "Superstar" could never match the wonder that is Mark Rinzel as Judas on German television.

(Note: Mark is not just one of my favorite singers, but he is also marrying my best friend and I really, really, really hope he wears that unitard to the wedding. Please, Mark? Please?)

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