Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not Getting Married Today

I meant to post this ages ago but apparently I am too busy to blog on my very own blog, alas. I saw the current production of "Company" the day it closed -- and they were filming it for a "Great Performances" on PBS and a DVD, no less! Perhaps you will hear me sneeze in the final production, as I sneezed several times during the show. I really enjoyed the show -- "Company" isn't my faverave of musicals, but the abstract staging was perfectly suited to the show (and worked much better than it did in the director's production of "Sweeney Todd," which, while awesome, wasn't *quite* as appropriate for the abstraction technique as "Company," which is already abstracted.)

And, of course, no one will ever own "Ladies who Lunch" the way Elaine Strich owns it, but the cast was really super awesome. Including Angel Desai, as Marta, who played the original "Spiritual Advisor" in my "There's no place like Celebreality" campaign featuring the singing-dancing cast of celebrity entourage members in a theme park environment.

But what I want to share is Madeline Kahn's genius take on "Not Getting Married" from a performance at Carnegie Hall. Gawrsh, I love that woman. What a frakking comedic genius and such talent. WE MISS YOU, MADELINE!

Also, I was super awesomely lucky enough to see Patti Lupone as Mama Rose in "Gypsy" last night and it was AMAZING and you should get tickets NOW because it's only around for three weeks.

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