Tuesday, March 01, 2005

You're Air Jamaica Me CRAZY

So, as you've noticed, I'm back from Barbados. It took 20 hours to get home from Barbados (and then I had to rush to a v/o session to do pickups for the Most Wanted Bodies show -- don't forget, it's every night next week at 10pm) so I am exhausted. So I'll write about the mini-vacay tomorrow.

(It took 20 hours because I booked my flight pretty last-minute so the cheapest way to get home was to fly Air Jamaica from Barbados to St. Lucia, then xfter to a flight to Grenada that would eventually get to JFK. When I got to St. Lucia, they were like, "Uhoh, nobody told you when you checked-in at Barbados? Your flight has been delayed until 10pm tonight." I was like -- zug? 10 hours to kill at the teensy tiny St. Lucia airport? I went to the Air Jamaica counter to see what was up. It was full up angry NY couples who had been staying at Sandals. They were so angry. I was like, WOO, now I get to see St. Lucia. So they put as all in taxis and sent us to this teeny tiny hotel to wait out the day. I overheard a nice man talking about going to the beach, so I asked if I could join the mission. And so I adopted a very wonderful fambly from Connecticut (or else, they adopted me), and we all went to the beach together and I got sun burnt while they swam, and then we drank rum drinks and went back to the hotel and used our meal vouchers together, and everything was fine and good, and then we went back to the airport and waited another 2 hours to get on the plane and I met a nice man from Atlanta who was trying to visit his girlfriend in Grenada (Grenada? Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys?) and then we finally landed at JFK early this morning.

But the Barbados part of the vacation? Totally swell. That's what we'll be rockin' about tomorrow.

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