Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Let us Look Back to June 8, 1991...

batmitzvahfam, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

So the NOVA ScienceNOW awesome people are coming over tomorrow evening so we can shoot some pop culture/scifi stuff for them to use. In my segment, I talk about how my dad and I used to watch science fiction movies when I was a kid, so the nice NOVA people asked me to dig up a photo of us together when I was younger. The rents' scanned and sent this one to me - it's the evening party after my bat mitzvah celebration earlier that day, on the morning of June 8, 1991. We had a party that night in the backyard and people stood on the deck and drank wine and we had a photographer (Robert Klein, who was both deaf and on the Board of Education) and my whole extended family was there and all our close friends, and it was a lovely suburban NJ evening, and of course, there were

So, left to right: Mom, Dad, Becky (aged 12 years and 9 months) and kid brother Adam, who was just about to turn 10.

I was in seventth grade and the orthodontist had just taken off my braces (so the bat mitavah photos would be pretty). I teased my hair to make it look curly for the party. I listened to Top 40 music on Z-100 and had an inante ability for being the 100th caller, so I won lots of CDs and tickets to events and shows 'n' stuff. I asked for a CD player and suggested that I liked (and thusly received)
1). REM's new album (Out of Time)
2). The Who (they gave me Who's Next)
3). Rod Stewart (I have no idea why. I got "Greatest Hits")
When I went shopping, days later, for my first CDs to buy my myself, I bought REM's "Document" and Led Zepellin's "ZoSo" album. I thought I was cool. I wanted, more than anything, to grow up and become an actress. My friend Amy and I took acting classes with Paul Perez and Janine at "Drama For Life." I got a C in gym because I failed volleyball. During the PSAT's, we had a break and were playing Limbo in Mr. Troy's Physical Science classroom. My breasts got stuck on the limbo pole, and I happened to be wearing my Twin Peaks teeshirt, so this one boy Todd called me "Twin Peaks" for a while. I was madly in love with Agent Dale Cooper. I used to wear, in the winter, green shorts over black spandex. I pegged my jeans. I cuffed my socks. I had a collection of slap bracelets.

But, mostly, I was the most awesome little dorky mcdork dork EVER.


D. J. said...

"Document" was the first CD I ever bought, too!

ethank said...

As it was mine.

Was it not just the epitome of cool to buy Out of Time and when you were 11 or 13 or whatever, here Stipe say "fuck" and think "oh my god!!!!"

Yes, it was.

I listened to Out of Time nonstop, on repeat for the better part of a year in 1991/1992, mostly because I had bad insomnia and couldn't sleep at night.

Oh, and East Coast B'Nai Mitzvahs ROCK. I must say.