Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How to Name That Tune

Check it on out -- The Daily News has the scoop on a new service to solve the age-old problem of "Ohmigod, I love this song -- what is it???"

The way it works is you dial (866) SONG-411 and then hold up your cel phone to record 15 seconds of the song, and then the service (called SongLink'd) ((note the very of-the-oughts specially placed apostrophe)) sends you a text message with the name of the song and the artist and a link to a website where you can purchase the song. Hot stuff.

This is all very exciting, mostly because I SWEAR I had a long and excited conversation with a few friends a few years ago about how we ought to develop a service wherein you could hold up your cel phone and record 15 seconds of a song and then a database somewhere would identify the song and tell you to which song you were listening. FOR REALS, I totally had this conversation... As did the rest of you lot, if you're the type of person who hangs out in bars with jukeboxes with the sort of CDs that may prompt you to drunkenly jump off your bar stool and shriek "Ohmigod, I love this song -- what it it?"

For the record, the song is called "Africa" and it's by Toto. Or else that song is called "Since U Been Gone" and it's by Kelly Clarkson and it's still most best. Or, lastly, that song may be called "Caravan" and it's by Van Morrison.

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