Tuesday, March 22, 2005

People, Let Me Show You How to MOVE THIS

Hi, tigers. My beloved roommate and I are fixin' to move into a new 2bedroom apartment in NYC. We have a beautiful and spacious apartment in Greenpoint right now, but we're really far away from the subway. We'd like to live closer to the subway so that
a) I can wear high heeled shoes and be able to walk to the subway without falling over in utter agony
b) we can get into Manhattan in less than 50 minutes
c) during the winter, we don't have to walk 25 minutes home from the Ltrain at 2 in the morning when there are bad people (like rapists) lurking in the snowdrifts
and the most important reason of all
d) so that people will come visit us and play with us.

We're thinking we want to move right near the Lorimer station on the L. But we're open to suggestions. We like space, and lots of it. And we have two lovely kitties. And we won't live on the Upper East Side because we are so totally not homogeneric. And we won't live on the Upper West Side because I growed up all Jewish and I don't want to be surrounded by that sort of lifestyle because it will make me have all sorts of identity confusion. But we both work in Times Square, so we're open to all sorts of transportational options.

Hook a sister up, yo. 3...2...1...contact me if you know of the GREATEST 2 BEDROOM in NYC EVER!

(please disregard this post if you don't live here)
(especially please disregard this post if you live outside of the city and you have a ginormous house and you're sitting there quietly smirking right now).

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Extra Ordinary Boy said...

Unfortunately, I live a lot closer to Chicago than New York, so i can't help a whole lot on the apt hunt. But, I stayed home from work today to let this alien virus ravage my body and what should I come across but my Friendster Bex voice-over-ing on '40 Most Shocking Hairdos'. It brightened up my dreary, rainy, sick afternoon...or it could have been the overdose of drug store brand DayQuil equivilant. Either way, it was a blast lol. Have a good one.