Friday, March 04, 2005

PA University, Class 0f 2005

So, we have a new crop of PAs starting, and Kelly assigned everyone special "classes" to teach them -- exciting things like "How to use the Library" and "Making Dubs" and "Addlotting the Spotmasters"

(Sound up: Cue the Bad Company: Feel like makin' dubs with you!)

Anyhoo. I don't have to teach a class because I'm sooooo very important (ha), so I chimed in thusly:
I'd just like to add that I'm offering a credit-optional tutorial this semester entitled "Balinesian Folk Dance and the Sociological Implications of Climactic Change on the Micronesian Economy: A Strategic Assesment of Pop Culture and Nonheteronormative Norms Vis-a-Vis the Global Village in a Triage Society" in the Anthropology Department. Please deliver (via carrier pigeon) a 2000 word essay outlining your desires to enroll in this seminar; I will post a list of accepted students on my office door no later than 5am on Monday morning.
In the unlikely event that an accepted student fails to submit the requisite prequisites, I will release spaces one at a time as they become available. Please remember that you need your faculty adviser's signature during the Red Drop/Add Period; please see your Dean once Black Drop/Add begins. Note: a previous knowledge of Mulveyan gaze theory, Derrida's position on semiotics in a neocultural world, and satisfactory completion Organic Chemistry 201 (or higher) are required.

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