Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ted Leo Melts Your Face -- Kelly Clarkson Stizz

Ohmigoodnessgracious, the wondrous Ted Leo ROCKS THE FUCKING SHIT out of "Since U Been Gone!

Totes kickawesome, babies! Scott Stereogum has an mp3 up from an Ted Leo interview/performance over at UGO. (Note: you can right-click and save the mp3 from Stereogum).

How rad. I am currently mega-obsessed with Mizz Kelly's "Since U Been Gone" and I lurf-lurf-lurf this Ted Leo version -- especially because he picks up on the "Maps" bit that Pitchfork sussed out a litte while ago. (Note: "Maps" was my fave song LAST February, and "Since U Been Gone" was my fave song THIS February -- the world is such a perfect place, innit?)

Speaking of Mizz Kelly Clarkson, Mizz Kelly Johnson and I were maxin' and relaxin' in our poweroffice, and that damn Sandals commercial came on, the one with the song that goes, "A moment like this ... some people search forever for that one special kiss ... i can't believe it's happening to me ... some people wait a lifetime ... for a moment like this" and the two of us sang along to the spot (it airs on VH1 like every single promo break) and Kelly said, "This song is so painfully cheesy, and yet I can kind of imagine wanting to dance on the beach to it during my one special moment." And I said, "You are SO singing that song on your honeymoo" and she concurred. And then we kept singing what we THOUGHT was the Sandals commercial, until a co-worker yelled at us to stop singing "That damn Kelly Clarkson song" and then we realized -- HOLY FUCK, that song isn't JUST a Sandals commercial, it's actually the song Kelly Clarkson busted out at American Idol, and then we found that CD in the office and jammed out, doing over-expressive modern interpretative dance that involved a lot of poignant r-e-a-c-h-e-s and chest-thumping. It was awesome. And then, everyone else in the office glowered at us because we were rocking "A Moment Like This" at the proverbial Spinal Tappian 11.

Note: I intentionally spelled 'honeymoon' as 'honeymoo' because I would quite like it if that name stuck, for good. Doesn't a honeymoo sound like the cutest, most funnest best thing in the whole wide world?

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