Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bestest MashUp EVER!

Holy shit, this DJ Earworm guy is BRILLIANT! This "No One Takes Your Freedom" is so damn good, it blows my mind.

Last night, we went to our faverave bar (The Black Bear Lodge -- it's totally the bar that would've been in the Great Northern if they had a bar there) and shot many, many electronic elk and deer. A fabulous time was had by all.

I'm all super glam right now because I just shot pickups for what was called "Celeb Feuds 2005" and is now called something like "Awesome Celeb Beefs 05" or something like that. Speaking of my on-VH1 career, don't miss:
Tuesday, 4/5 -- Paris's Most Shocking. (sneak peek at 11am and 3pm, premiere at 10pm)

Also, check it on out: my boy John Roderick makes a cameo in the kickawesome new Decemberists video.

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Angela said...

A+ for the Decemberists, and for your friend! What a great video!