Monday, March 07, 2005

Smell what the Rock is Cookin'?

I'm sorry. I have nothing to say about the Rock. But I'm watching a supersneakpeek of "Most Wanted Bodies" and they just showed the Rock asking us to smell what the rock is cookin'. I've never smelled what the Rock is cookin', and something makes me think that I wouldn't necessarily like it very much. But watch the show! Tonight and every night this week at 10pm.

Last Friday, I shot "Michael Jackson's Most Shocking." It was weird. As we went on, I turned into an indignant old churchlady. I just can't be mean and obnoxious about Michael Jackson, because the man is clearly unwell. They wanted be to be funny about what will happen to Michael if he ends up in prison, and I just couldn't do it; I became incredibly sincere (I know, no one believes that I can be sincere, but every so often a ray of earnestness pokes through my veneer of cynicism (my patina of sarcasm?) about how Michael Jackson ought not to be sent to a prison, he ought to get some serious medical treatment and end up in facility for the mentally unwell and unsound where he can get some intense therapy ... I don't think Michael Jackson lives in the same world that we do, and I think that before we judge him, we need to understand that he's crazy like a fucking fox.

Anyhoo. The squirrel who lives in my uterus is just starting to look for his long-buried acorns. It's not at critical-levels of agony yet, but rest-assured, we're just a few short hours away.

So I was asked to speak at my 5 year reunion today, as part of a panel on "Five Years Out" -- where we've been since Wesleyan and how we got to where we are today. I'm kinda flattered, and kinda skeeved out. Just the way I like to feel. It's funny, the other panelists are someone in the Peace Corps, someone who teaches at a Culinary school, someone who makes documentary films, and me. One of these things is not like the other ... it's ME! Doing nothing to make the world a better place, no way, no how, no matter what!

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