Thursday, October 14, 2004

The word of the day is: "Litany"

Blue litmus paper turns red when dipped into an acidic solution, like the vagina.

Schwoo - it's late but I promised to write in my little weblog, so ...

I've just returned from my pal Josh's pad in the Slope (such a civilized 'hood) where we ate some yummy 'fu and watched the 3rd debate. I also raped his itunes and finally replaced my Red House Painters album that I cracked when I stepped on it once, when I was really drunk.


I wish Bush would answer the "would you overturn Roe v. Wade" question, because he never gives a damn answer, just a lot of crap about a litmus test. Lemme tell you, buckaroo Bush, I don't want your damn litmus paper anywhere near my vagina, nor my womb. Blah blah blah, protect all children -- how about protecting the right to FUCKING CHOOSE, you idiot. For the record, though, the vagina is acidic, so blue litmus paper would turn red, and red litmus paper would stay red. Much like the color of one's labia.

Secondly. I superduper hope that the annoying glob of spittle affixed to Bush's lower lip will lose this election for him, much like Nixon's sweatyness.

Thirdly. I wonder how Mary Cheney feels about being the poster child for all people gay. All this 'marriage is between a man and a woman' hoohah is just so damn fence-straddling it makes me spit. I wish that Mary Cheney would just announce that she plans to gay-marry her girlfriend, and screw her daddy's discrimination. I wish anyone who wants to get gay-married can get gay-married.

And hey, watch "Awesomely Badder Girls" on VH1 tomorrow. Woo.

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