Monday, October 18, 2004

Magic Wands + Magic Armadillos = RAD SATURDAY NIGHT. Rad + Saturday Night = Radurday Night!

They call it riding the magic train. Note, if you will, the awesome presence of both the magic wand and the magic armadillo. [note: identities of magical passengers are obscured because I told them I was taking their photo for the, ahem, 'photo essay in my brain.' But you guys rock! So I blurred out your eyes. But you're DO's, not DON'Ts, lest ye be afraid of your street cred and rep.]

Hooooee, doggies! Josh and I had a Radurday Night! We decided that all of our other social options didn't sound like fun so we decided to invent our own adventure.
The Rules:
1). The Players (Josh and Bex) were to meet at 9:30 at Shades of Green, bringing with them three (3) props that would determine the mission of the evening.
2). The Players would then journey to a previously unexplored region of NYC and attempt to have some fun.
3). Fun would be had at any and all costs, because it is a precious and rare commodity.
Thusly, upon arrival, our tools for the evening were revealed:
1 magic wand
1 magic armadillo
1 glowing blue 'ice cube' to be placed into clear alcoholic bevvies
1 pair of space-age sunglasses from Orlando
Several pre-stamped envelopes
1 giant post-it notepad
1 other prop that i no longer remember

And so! We decided that we would grant wishes to whomever needed wish-granting, especially encouraging people to write letters to their long-lost loves, telling them how they really feel. So we quickly tangented to Walgreens where we bought some chocolate (Because people love chocolate).

Another tangent: back at Wesleyan, Josh and I and our friend Eric once walked around the library during finals, giving candy to people studying. Most people were very wary and didn't grok why we were giving out candy. "Because studying is hard!" we'd say. "Keep your blood sugar up! Eat some chocolate!" But still, many people were suspicious. Except for those people who dug what we were doing. And they each got two mini candy bars instead of one. Because they understood that we were just giving out candy to people who might like some, yo.

And thusly! We tarried forth to the hinterlands, aka the Upper East Side; aka 'so far north there was fucking tundra and some of that northern lights shit,' and we rode the magical mystery train known as the "4." And upon opening our bags of chocolate, we piqued the attention of our fellow passengers. And we were both sporting our "Truth In, Bush Out" pins that Josh made, and some passengers said, "Hey, nice pin!" And so we said, "Thanks!" And then: "Would you like to make a wish?"

And, lo and behold, they DID. And so we asked them to rub the magic armadillo, as Josh waved the magic wand over their hands. And then we gave them anti-Bush pins. And then we gave them chocolate. And then they said that we were AWESOME! And then another girl didn't want any chocolate, nor did she want to make a wish (I guess she's real happy and shit), but she asked for an anti-Bush pin, and we gave her two! One for her friend! Or loved one!

And then we got to the Upper East Side, where we met some very Upper East Side people at some very Upper East Side bars. Unfortunately, there was some Yankees games and everyone was watching that fucking baseball shit that fucks with my CSI/tivo schedule. Fucking baseball! And I ain't even scored in months. But, we did go to a bar called Tin Lizzy that was like the college that we never went to -- fraaaaat-tastic! And we met a sausage factory -- oops, I mean a bachelor party. And we met some people who love them their baseball enough to wish on a magic armadillo in front of their baseball/beer buddies. Bitchin'!

But, it was so fridigly cold up North that we needed to return to warmer climes. We ventured into our lair, the Black Bear Lodge, where we shot some electronic deer and, I am pleased to say, I slayed my first triple buck. Oh, yes. Three electronic deer in one forest. HOT CHA CHA.

And it was all just a great Radurday Night. And we intend to do it again. So, if you see us -- I'm the one holding the glowing blue drink and the magic armadillo and the chocolates. Josh is on wand-duty. And, beware us. Because, lo, we are awesome.

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