Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Hooooaaaah

I apologize for the lack of posts. It's been Halloween for a million days now, and I, as Jessica Rabbit, am partied out. Too much raging. It started Thursday night at this kickass party my friend Jim art-directed, and then Friday was an all-day shoot for the Big in 04 image campaign (and MAN, there were so many cute boys around it was like hormonal overdrive -- phoooawr, as they say in the UK) and then the weekend, full of gym-going, pilates-attending, working, and more partying. So I am pooped. I promise, next week I'll be sparkly and fun. I will say that you should look forward to All Access: Wacky Celeb Families, that I shot last week, and 40 Most Shocking Hair Moments (that i'll be shooting tomorrow) and that, of course, the Big in 04 image campaign is going to kick serious ass. And that, woo! Velvet Revolver (ex-junkies), Maroon 5 (poppy jews), Black Eyed Peas (selling out for sex appeal), and Green Day (how much does their new album rock your world?) will be performing at Big in 04.

Also, scoop: my mom says there's an upcoming episode of the Simpsons on which Lisa develops an eating disorder. Apparently, Yeardley Smith shot an episode of the Jane Pauley show about this very special Simpsons episode. I am quite curious how they'll make this funny.

In other news -- if Bush were to win, would the US split into red vs. blue and would we be the america of, say, a William Gibson future? I am too not sober now to discuss, but let's talk about it tomorrow.

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