Sunday, October 10, 2004

It's My Butt!

Has anyone seen this new spot, I think it's for SUPER MONITORS from Dell? It's these three dude roomies and one of them is incessantly channel-flipping so his buddy jumps on him and then their third buddy jumps in and the remote keeps flipping and then WHAM, they're mesmerized by this SUPER SHARP satellite image of Earth on some nova-type of channel and they realize they can see their own house because the image is so SUPER FUCKING SHARP?

So the hottie stoner roomie sticks his hand out the window and asks the other roomies how many fingers he's holding up, and they can see him on the SUPER FUCKING SHARP satellite image and then one roomie wrests control of the remote and starts watching cartoons and the stoner roomie goes, "How many fingers now?"

But the tv-watching roomie is watching cartoons and he's no longer looking at the S.F.S. satellite image and he goes, "Five," but he's wrong. Because, as the hottie stoner tells us,


Yes, he's sticking his butt out the window.

And just sounds so damn proud, so proud that he's sticking his butt out the window.

I am so happy for him, that's he's so proud of himself for thinking of such a clever way to utilize satellite technology and new awesome tv screen monitor things.

IT'S MY BUTT is the new slang for "I AM AWESOME."

Got it? Go forth and spread the meme.

Like you know how Jason (scary Jason with the hockey mask) goes ch-ch-ch-ch-ha-hah-hah?? Those Jason-movie people totally rocked that meme, they invented a little piece of vernacular shorthand. Like if you're in a scary situation, or a mock-scary sitch, you could go "ch-ch-ch-ch-ha-hah-hah" and everyone would grok, and it's some much more meaningful and resonant than if you were to say, "it's just like we're in a horror movie, guys, and right now is when that scary sound cue would come in!"


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