Monday, October 11, 2004

Thoughts Amassed Whilst Watching the Vote for Change Concert

Hot damn, Michael Stipe looks more and more like Pee Wee Herman every damn day.

REM's new single, "Leaving New York," is actually "Man on the Moon," only slower. But what's wrong is that we were willing to accept Man on the Moon back in the early 90s but we just don't want that sort of music right now.

Dude, Bruce Springsteen is fucking psyched to play "Man on the Moon" with REM.

I wonder if any of the kids there to see Death Cab care about REM? I was like, oh, these people don't want to hear REM, but then I realized that 'these people' were all aging GenX and so REM and Pearl Jam on the same bill is like the 1992 they never had.

Pearl Jam comes out, like: "All right, we'll play. But we're gonna be the NEW Pearl Jam, not the Pearl Jam you really want to hear, so we're playing some songs you've never heard of, oh, and Masters of War, by Bob Dylan."

Sho' nuff, they were booed as they left the stage.

Are you reasonably ready to be marginally entertained? Ladies and Gents, give it up for JAMES FUCKING TAYLOR!

Oh my gosh, it's the singing pigs, from the Muppets' version of "I Get Around" !!!

Oh, poo. It's only the Dixie Chicks.

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