Monday, October 11, 2004

Great Minds Think Alike

my little brother Adam loves the Dell Monitors "it's my butt" phenom, too!

[all IM screen-names have been changed to preserve our identity's and our dignity. but not our youthful inhibition. we seem to have lost that.]

[it's a Murray. a Murray elan.]

Adam: i just saw the greatest commercial ever
Bex: eh?
Adam: it was for dell
Adam: these monitors
Bex: it's my butt?
Adam: yes!
Bex: i blogged about it
Adam: its his butt!
Bex: he is SO PROUD
Bex: that it's his butt
Bex: i couldn't stop laughing
Adam: i just love the intonation
Bex: same
Bex: it's my butt
Adam: its like "silly roommate! that is not a hand! that is the glory which is my butt!"
Bex: exactly
Adam: that is an awesome meme-virus
Bex: it's my butt
Adam: i just saw it, and i was like... that sums it all up
Bex: right?
Adam: i wish i could be so proud of my butt

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