Friday, October 08, 2004

I Lurf John Vanderslice THIS Much

I went to Southpaw last night (tout seule, my concert companion came down with some food poisoning due to some rancid Mexican) {Food, that is ... he did not (to my knowledge) eat a rancid Mexican} to rock out with John Vanderslice, who was performing on an awesome bill along with The Mountain Goats. The V-slice just makes me grin - his songs are so brilliant, his storytelling so intriguing, and his production so unique. Speaking of production, Scott Solter, who engineers all of John's albums, works wonders with the keyboard and the guitar and it was his BIRFDAY (and his twin flew all in the way in from LA to celebrate!). I got to spend some time hugging John after the show and he made me feel like a special person by calling me "My Bex" and generally making me feel like i'm a lot more glamorous and exciting than I normally feel. This was my first time seeing The Mountain Goats, and John Darnielle blew me away. BLEW ME AWAY. Go see this tour, stat.

So. See ya'll tonight at the Knitting Factory, after the debate?

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