Saturday, October 02, 2004

Look, it's me and my bio. ME LURF TIKI BARS.

You can't throw a brick in this town without hitting one of 'em...

Yo, the Alternative Comedy Jam is now part of the 2 Dollar Show at my VERY FAVE TIKI BAR, Otto's Shrunken Head. 10pm, Wednesday October 6th. Watch comedians and buy me turquoise beverages bedecked with umbrellas and monkees and glowsticks.

PS -- Amidst the ever-changing tide of the NY bar scene, some of you may remember Otto's when it was called Barmacy and was themed like an old-fashioned apothecary. Barmacy was neat and shit, but they totally didn't have glowing blue bevvies.

Also, for the record, I would quite like to live in a tiki bar. With a real rock waterfall. And torches. And lava.

Speaking of, the CNN coverage of the Mt. Saint Helens fart was hi-laaarious. It was like the CNN reporter was begging the park ranger for some little juicy nugget of atrocity with which to terrify the amerikan viewing public.

CNN person: "Are you in any danger, being near the volcano?"

Park Ranger: "No, everything's pretty quiet right now. There's just a tiny cloud of ash."

CNN person: "But could you be in danger? Could something bad happen?"

Park Ranger: "Um, no, everything's fine."

This went on for quite a few more rounds.

I half-expected to hear
CNN Person: "If a terrorist were to drop a weapon of mass destruction into the volcano, then would we be in trouble?"

Like the end of "Armageddon" but in reverse.
Put your nuke down, flip it, and reverse it.

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chris said...

i'm surprised that a member of bush's cabal hasn't made a statement to the effect of, "the president, with his steadfast, unwavering leadership, is keeping us safe from the volcano. it will not erupt as long as we continue our hard work and stay the course. however, if kerry is elected god will be angered and cause a great eruption, killing you all. then who's going to help you, france? be afraid and vote for bush."


ps i'm new here. hi bex.

pps otto's is awesome. if i'm in town i'll be there (and be square). i'd also like to live in a tiki bar, but one more like waikiki wally's rather than otto's.

ppps props for using the word apothecary and even spelling it correctly. that's excellent.