Tuesday, October 05, 2004

9:35pm "A Question of American Intelligence"

Some thoughts incurred while watching the Vice Presidential debate, all hepped up on cold medication.

Damn, Edwards is f-i-i-n-e in a goyish way, and Cheney looks like a gynecologist who dips his hands in ice-water before probing one's nether regions.

Putting the moderator in the power position at a small table with two guys makes her look a lot like a Dungeon Master.

When Edwards called out all the Republicans who are speaking out against the current administration's actions in Iraq, I totally wish all those Republicans stood up and shook their booties and went "Boo-YEAH!" I just wish that.

at 9:36pm on the ABC News coverage, Cheney's little box went black and he dropped out of the two-shot. I wanted Gwen to cut in with, "The vice president has been removed to an undisclosed location." But she didn't, and I scared the kitties by shouting "WHERE THE FUCK IS CHENEY?"

When Gwen Ifill directed a question to Cheney and he mumble-grumbled, faux sotto voce, that he thought the question should actually be directed at Edwards.

When Edwards confronted Cheney on all this Halliburton stuffy and Cheney fakes humility and says, "I'm going to need more than thirty seconds" and Gwen Ifill responds sharply, "Well that's all you've got."


... and sometime during the last 20 minutes my mind wandered, and i found myself making a list of everyone i've ever had sex with, in chronological order.

for the record, i have shagged neither dick cheney or john edwards.


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fadat said...

20 minutes to write out a sex list?

"Well, that's all ya got!"