Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Plan B Vs. The Morning After Pill

So "Plan B" is back in the news.

Which is a good thing: they should legalize that shit like no one's business.

I'm just glad someone with a branding background stepped in. Consider the following reactions:

"Oh no! I fucked up last night! I am so very, very ashamed! And so mortified! And so terrified for my future! I must now go do the walk of shame and beg the pharmacist for the morning-after pill. Because it's the morning-after, and I am miserable."


"Oh dear! I did something wrong. Good thing I have another option. Yup, there's always Plan B. What a beautiful morning. I shall skip to the drugstore and blissfully ask for a whole new choice: Plan B."

Ah, yes, the magic of branding. Loves it, loves it, loves it! Don't be ashamed by your morning-after needs -- instead, embrace that there's always another choice! Or at least, there should be another choice, as long as the US stays out of my dang uterus.

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