Friday, August 04, 2006

Every Generation Has A Defining Moment - This Was Ours

So I keep seeing the trailer for "World Trade Center." First of all: Oliver Stone shot bits in my hometown! Secondly, I think "World Trade Center" is a horrible name for this movie. Because I used to love this book called "The Little House" which was about, er, a little house. I used to read this book at my grandparents' house and I loved it. Ahem: "Once upon a time there was a Little House way out in the country. She was a pretty Little House and she was strong and well built." Oh yes. And the pretty Little House watches as the land around her shifts from a lovely country side into a bustling city, and she's neglected and she falls apart, and then (SPOILER ALERT) a nice lady rescues her and lugs The Little House back out to the countryside and The Little House is happy again. The book's totally from the POV of The Little House. So, in my head, "World Trade Center" must be from the POV of The World Trade Center.

In my head, of course, the World Trade Center's POV sounds a lot like that Will Forte character on SNL who says, "OH NO!"

Anyway. I'm just glad there aren't any Happy Meal tie-ins.

ANYWAY. So the trailer features this dramatic v/o that says "every generation has a defining moment - this was ours."

And, quite frankly, I can think of many more defining moments, thank you very much.
* The Nirvana unplugged
* That episode of 90210 where Brenda worked at the Peach Pit in character as Laverne
* "Look Who's Talking"
* When Nancy Kerrigan got her knees bashed by Jeff Gilooly
* "The Goonies"
* The Dancing Itos
* Bea Arthur and Urkel doing "The Urkel"
* You Can't Do That On Television
* The OJ Simpson trial verdict
* Milli Vanilli
* The holiday-themed Fruity Pebbles commercial
* Gerardo
and finally:
* Polly-o String Cheese


Plantation said...

Gilooly. LOL. That's right up there with Kato Kalin

emily said...

That Fruity Pebbles commercial got me thinking about Cookie Crisp. I was raised on kashi by a Moosewood mom and I'm still mad that I never got to eat this delicious-sounding cereal. Little cookies you can't resist! Sigh.

Also sometimes I get the jingle for a short-lived Rice Krispies brand extension called 'Fruity Marshmallow Krispies' stuck in my head. Imagine this sort of having a conga beat: "Fruity marshshmallow KrisPIES! Orange, lemon, rasberry, grape, with lotsa fruit taste!"

Dan Wilson said...

A lot of those seem more like cultural touchstones than defining moment. But in terms of enormous things that truly changed my generation:

The initial release of Star Wars
The Challenger Explosion
The OJ trial (I have to agree with that one)
The Dot Com Boom (and Bust)

Some of these are specific moments. The Trial and the Boom were long term events, but historically, they qualify as things that had a huge impact on not only individuals, but our very society.

Anonymous said...

Here's my two, and maybe it's because I was living in each respective city when they happened:

11/7/1991...Magic Johnson announces he has tested postive for HIV. I found out during Mrs. Barton's Spanish II course. I failed that class.

4/5/94...Kurt Cobain kills himself on a random Monday a couple months before I finished high school. We found out during Chemistry and for some reason the really religous Mormon kid knew before anyone else.

Oh, and if you don't get all warm and fuzzy when Fred goes ahead and gladly shares the Fruity Pebbles with Barney then you have no soul.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to add one more:

The first time I ever saw Small Wonder.