Wednesday, August 30, 2006

OMFG! There's a CYLON At This Party

(If you don't watch Balactica, just give up now because this won't mean anything).
(Oh, and if you don't watch Balactica you have, like, a MONTH to catch the frack up so you can start watching season three on October 6th).

So a friend of mine was at a party tonight and he texted me to tell me that "Sharon the cylon was at the party."

I mean, OMFG. What if you were at a party, and maybe you were tipsy, and then a CYLON walked in? I mean, even if she looked all pretty and unassuming like this:

But she'd still be a Cylon! At the same party at which you were!

Like, OMFG, there's a Cylon having a Ketel One martini!


I mean, what would you do? Depending on my state of sobriety (and, ahem ahem, during the aforementioned colon cleanse, I have been quite sober as of late. How I long for both an iced coffee with soy milk and also a glass of rose. Okay, okay. Not rose. I'll admit it: white zin. Oh fuck, let's just call it for what it is: blush. How I lwould love an iced soy coffee and some blush. Perhaps even together. Iced soy blush coffee. Yummers) I might have different reactions. My gut would be to hide under a banquette until I could notify the proper authorities. If the Cylon got all mean and shit, I might try to subdue it. But, probably, I would turn very pale and start trembling and I would slowly try to sneak out of the party before the Cylon spotted me.

But, if I were tipsy? I'd probably want to befriend the Cylon. And then invite it over to my house to watch ProjRun.

Seriously. I need a celebrity guest to come this week. Keep the streak alive.

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