Thursday, August 31, 2006

RIP O'Rourke's Diner

The beloved-of-every-Wesleyan-grad icon O'Rourke's diner burnt down this morning.

Many of my friends were regular O'Rourke's-goers. They used so much butter that my tummy often hurt, but I certainly had my fair share of delicious breakfasts there. The last time I went was during my 5-year reunion. And before that, I went the morning of my college graduation. Because it was 4am and I was still awake (of course) so my friends Justin and Rob were like, "Nothin' left to go but go to O'Rourke's."

So we ate eggs and then I graduated from college.

Note: after I ate eggs, Clint Eastwood ate eggs there the same day. Because he spoke at my graduation. Jealous, punk?

There's a Dar Williams (Wes '89!) song called When Sal's Burned Down which is about a bar near Wesleyan that once burned down (I think, it's been a long time since I heard her talk about it), and right now it's all I can think about. So sad!

"Are we the fools for being surprised that a silence could end with no sound?
Like the silent movie era, like with snow, like when Sal's burned down."


Aaron said...

7 am. Every Monday morning for 3.5 years.

This feels astonishingly like a death in the family to me. What's the point of going back for a 10 year reunion now?

Lisa said...

Oh, this really sucks. I'm sorry to hear this. (class of '91)

Anonymous said...

ORourkes has reopened! The place looks better than ever. They are even open for dinner 3 nights a week until 9. (thur - sat) . check it out