Sunday, August 27, 2006

One Not So Original Thing

So I was inadvertently watching the precursor to the US Open (tennis ... snooooze) and this chickybaby named Cheyenne Kimball, who's one of those-made-for-tv prefab pop singers (yes, she has her own show on the MTV) took the stage to perform "her" single, "One Original Thing." (right click, save-as).

Yo! And the lyrics are all about looking around and trying to find "one original thing" and how she doesn't want to be a wannabe who just imitates.

Well, Cheyenne, dear, as much as I admire the sentiment, perhaps you'd like to try performing one original thing.

Because I hate to break it you, but your song is clearly Iggy Pop's "The Passenger." (right click, save as).

Oh, Cheyenne. Alls I can say is: sheeeeeeesh.

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