Tuesday, August 08, 2006

World premiere: The Long Winters' "Fire Island, AK"

Hey everyone! Stereogum is premiering my (our) video for The Long Winters' new hit single "Fire Island, AK." I'm super duper proud of it -- my first music video! Oh boy: Mama, I'm a music video director!

For my favoritest band!

Watch it! Love it! Buy the album! Share the love! Shower me with love and affection!

Watch it hi-rez and not pixely here
Windows Media Player

Or you can watch it right here:

Special hearty thanks to the wondercrew who made this video possible:
Producer Extraordinaire: Michael Flexner:
DP who hits the "Cool Button" : Jonathan Furmanski
Hyped on Adrenaline and Friendship Editor: Laura Weinberg
Superdeeduper Special Smoke help: Bob Gleason

Special guest star: Snejina!

And a special special special special thanks to John Tyson who not only AD'ed the shizz out of this thing, but generously lent the production both his cabin and his car and continuously calmed the director (namely: me) down from quite the hysterical nervous breakdown. Numerous times. Without raising his voice. Amazing. Oh, and also he's the best boyf in the history of the multiverse.

1 comment:

ian m mccarty said...

::showershowershower:: Ricockulously good job, Bex! ::showershowershower:: all that work plus massive freak outs? let's see any other director try to pull that off... (woody allen doesn't count).

are we gonna be able to catch this bad boy on the musical televisions anywheres? and then call up all our friends and family to tell them to turn the channel and grab the tv and run down the street while it plays? (er, well, i guess that last part doesn't work as well as it did in the time of radio...them Buggles was right).