Friday, August 04, 2006

Guess Who's Coming to Scarborough Country?

C'est moi. I'll be on tonight's show on MSNBC -- tonight "meaning Friday, 8/4," not tonight meaning "whenever you read this" -- and my segment will be on around 9:40. It's live, as always, so watch as I struggle not to drop any f-bombs.

We will be discussing this week's pop culture haps.

We will not, theoretically, be discussing the heat. But one never knows.

In other news (news? Get it? I'll be on MSNBC and now I'm using "news" as a transition! BWA HA!) - so a bunch of us --- (and by "us" I mean other people besides me, not like the royal "us" meaning me and the voices in my head) (for the record, I only had voices in my head once and it was during my senior year of college when I was writing my thesis and doing lots of research about the atomic bomb and I had a very high fever along with a very bad flu, and I dehydrated, and in my delerium there were two people named Hipporobundia and Madagascar who told me not to seek help because I was clearly suffering from radiation sickness. And i believed them) -- are all doing this colon cleanse. Any of you ever try this shit (pardon the pun)? It's day one and my tummy feels like I swallowed a bowling ball. Or, perhaps, I have a headache in my tummy. But we have 29 days to go. DEATH TO ALL PARASITES! DEATH TO ALL PARASITES! DEATH TO ALL PARASITES.

Woo, hey:

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