Monday, July 31, 2006

Project Runway - Final 4? Could It Be?

So. On the ProjRun website, most of the designers have tee-shirts for sale.

Ahem, ahem. MOST. There are four designers without shirts for sale. Three of these four designers are people whom I think might just make it to the end. One of these designers, I'm not so sure about.

Who's missing? Surely by now you've looked for your favorite designer and realized you can't buy a shirt from:
And ... Vincent.

Ever since the basket-hat, I've been waiting for Vincent to go. But ... it sure looks like his model is Jia Santos. And we know that Jia, upon recovery from a horrible bus accident, wanted to know if she was still on the show. Which makes me think Jia goes pretty far. And unless someone else wins and steals her away, maybe she goes all the way with Vincent? (and I don't mean it like that, take your minds out of the Red Lobster trash.)

In other news, wouldn't you like to send Jia some pears? She loves pears.

Special thanks to Noah, who cracked this code (if this is, indeed, the code) So look at these shirts! And he'll get a free one! Or something. Or, you can just buy him a shirt. He does, after all, clean the litter box.

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