Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tim Gunn, Sha na na na, Na na na na

It's fun to sing the Tim Gunn song, to the tune of "Get a Job." Like so: "Tim Gunn, sha na na na, na na na na. Tim Gunn." And then "Tim tim tim tim tim tim, Gunn gunn gunn gunn gunn: Tim Gunn." Try it with me, it's fun.

AH YES, Project Runway is back! With a vengeance! I say: Vincent is next to go, but they had to (spoiler alert) axe Stacy because of the sewing thing. Or lack thereof. Top three: Robert Best, that Keith guy, and the classy redheaded broad. Although that little Bjorkian blondie is a cutie, and maybe the rock'n'roll guy will tone down the bad aspects of Santino and boost up the awwesome aspects of Santino.

I also like to sing "Abi Yoyo" with the words "Project Runway" in it:
Proooooject runway! Project Runway!
Project Runway, bee Runway, bee Runway.

Trust me, it's more fun to sing than it looks on paper. Er, on interweb.

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Toxic Pop said...

Vincent is reminding me a little bit of Brent (the fat guy) on last season's apprentice. Yes, he's insane, but you can see he's going to be the loser that everyone loves to hate, and that makes me feel bad. And actually, once he got rid of that horrible hat, his dress wasn't that bad.

I hate hate hate arrogant tattoo-neck guy.