Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Shot The Long Winters new Video!

So, stay tuned, tigers - I've been swamped because I've been working on the HOT HOT HOT new video for The Long Winters' hot new single, "Fire Island, Ak," off their hot new album "Putting the Days to Bed" that drops next Tuesday 7/25! (For a delicious, pre-release taste, you can stream the album right here.)

And check it the fuck out! We're on VIDEOSTATIC, one of my super fave websites. Read all about it right here!

And yes, that's me, wearing my lucky shoot pants and not wearing a speck of make-up (except for the permapresent glitter - but that's not make-up, it's kind of embedded in my pores at this point).

And stay imminently tuned for the actual video. Hot chickity cha!


Anonymous said...

More clothing with cow print please!

Anonymous said...

They reminde me a little of the group "The Box".