Monday, July 31, 2006


So Blogging Project Runway linked to a preview video on yahoo about the upcoming "EPISODE 4" where we know someone gets yanked off for "Breaking the rules."

Per the new viddy, we know it's not Kayne, Michael, or Robert.

Now, I've been tracking the whole "Keith's sketches are copies" miniscandal, and I believe him when he says that the sketches were part of his trend-tracking portfolio. Because they're EXACT sketches of models runway-walkin' - I think he did screengrabs and then sketched these outfits for the reason he claims - the whole trend-tracking thing makes sense to me.

My personal theory about who gets kicked off? Well, after watching the preview for next week, I think the tone and timbre suggest the specific type of rule-breaking is drug use. Because, MAN, they seem shocked. And I suspect Keith. Because the inability to keep one's eyes open (and the way he acts during the interviews) remind me of nothing more than this "business meeting" I once had with a playwright who wanted me to be in his play. The playwright was out of his gourd on the heroin for the whole meeting. I thought the drooping-eyelids were totally/maybe narcolepsy, but then when the cafe staff threw him out of the cafe for drug use, I grokked. So. This is, of course, wild conjecture, but methinks Keith is using los drogas and they're kicking his snotty ass off. THIS IS WILD SPECULATION, OF COURSE.

I suffer from migraine headaches and people probably often assume that I'm on drugs because I look so fucked up. So, forgive me, Keith, for speculating. Because I think you're a top-notch designer and I'm pretending you're like a character on a soap opera instead of a real person by speculating about you like this, so please know it's not the real you I'm discussing, it's the you whom you play on tv.

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