Friday, January 07, 2005

You Had It But You Sold It

Holy shizzy, my brain is wrung dry. So many ideas in such little time, but I feel great about all my pitches. GAY PENGUINS forever.

Josh and I went to the new Barramundi tonight, and it's way more off the beaten path than the old Barramundi but equally as rad. We talked about love and sex and life and music and reflected on our two fave songs from frosh year of college - "True Dreams of Wichita" and "Janine" and how they're just the best. Once, Josh dropped acid and actually stepped inside that album and I believe him. Oh, how many mastubatory fantasies have taken place to that soundtrack, and oh, how wonderful. We also talked about the Pixies - I can't listen to them without singing aloud to Kim's parts -- a few nights ago, on the G home, I was listening to them, and i couldn't help but sing "this monkey's gone to heaven" out loud and some guy on the train was like, "woo, the pixies, woo!" it was awesome.

remember being so afraid of letting anyone touch you south of the equator? those days were kind of awesome in their innocence, and their implied lack of pressure/commitment. Ah, those were the days, indeed. I remember shying away, physically, from anyone who's hands ventured down there, and those days were easy indeed. Giving but not taking, as it were. These days are clearly much more exciting, but still, there was something awesome about those days of innocence and fear.

Anyway. My brain hurts and I'm sure none of this makes sense because I can no longer make sense because I have twisted and wrenched and milked my brain out of any sense-making capabilities. And tomorrow is Friday and I'm auditioning to host a new show on a new channel, so wish me hearts and stars.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds so creepy, "posting anonymous." Like this shouldn't be typed so much as pasted out of old newspaper clippings, sO aLl ThE wORdS loOk LiKe tHIS! So really, my name is Abigail, and I've been reading a while, and you're funny, so


Er, yes. Good luck.

Plantation said...

Best of luck on the audition, BEX. Sounds exciting.