Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Did you see me crying? Didja? Didja?

Watch the "NOVA scienceNOW" segment on mirror neurons and watch me weep

Hey, all! I'm killer-diller tired; we're in the midst of post-pro on our campaign and it's going well, albeit time-intensive.

Alas, my brain is waaaaay too dry for me to be funny right now, but I sure do 'ppreciate all the lovely lovenotes from my beloved readers. Keep those cards 'n' letters coming!

It's an all-grrrl fest in the Black History Month universe and tomorrow we're all going to wear pink. I own very little pink clothing, mostly because pink clashes with my hair, but I'm going to try my durnedest to find something that works. If all else fails, I'm sure I have several shades of pink lipstick somewhere. If only we weren't all taking birth control pills; I bet our cycles would synchronize and then we'd all eat chocolate at the same time.

And, hey! How about that big fat liar, Condoleeza Rice? If you anagram her name, you get:
Liar, Concede (Zoe!) I think that's a hint: Liar, concede now! Remember what happened to Zoe Baird? Remember? Clinton tried to appoint that particular Zoe as Attorney General and she withdrew her nomination because she (much like Senor Kerik) employed two undocumented immigrants in her home. As cabana boys. Just kidding. Anyhoo. Take heed, Condi!

Concede, Condi, concede!

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