Sunday, January 23, 2005

Unka Grambo! Unka Grambo!

Oh boy! whatevs (dot org) p.h.c.f.y.s.b. has linked to l'il ol' me!

I'm a mega fan of, the website that coins pop culture neologisms faster than even me. And I envy it (the writer) for that.

I am ferociously tired - we spent Friday and Saturday shooting our campaign for Black History Month. I'm super excited about it. I co-directed with the incomparable Amanda, and together we are "Schwavey." Schwavey Gravy! And now we go into super post-production, so I might disappear for a little while.

On a small side note, i tivo'ed this week's SNL because I like Paul Gimatti and it fucking rocked my world. I laughed out loud several times -- zug? But, man! That variety show skit? Pushed all my love buttons. And Fred Armisen as the giant looking-straight-into-camera kitty? AWESOME.

Don't forget to watch "Wacky Families" tomorrow! And right before I dived into post-pro, I'm shooting the next installment of "Most Shocking" -- this one's about Paris. Oh, boy. I intend to drop as many Mulveyan-gaze-theory references as possible.

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