Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dakota Fanning vs. Brittany Murphy

Dakota Fanning has a new friend who told her to call him "Charlie!"

Anyone see the new trailer for that DeNiro / Dakota movie called "Hide and Seek" -- it ends with Dakota doing the scary/eerie/warning thing, "Come out, come out wherever you are."

It's just like Brittany Murphy at the of the trailer for "Don't Say a Word," when she does the scary/eerie/warning thing, "I'll never tell."

Don't you think Brittany's just spitting mad -- not only did Dakota upstage her throughout the entire piece of poo "Uptown Girls," which sucked, except for little Dakota being a snoot, BUT -- Dakota got the catchphrase/scary/girl thing like 15 years earlier than she did.

It takes years -- YEARS -- to generate a pop culture catchphrase like that, that'll bounce around comedy clubs and late night talk shows for a week or two, and Dakota has upstaged Brittany yet again.

Heh, heh. Awesome.


disillusioned said...

I usually hate child actors, but I adore Dakota Fanning. Granted, she made mistakes with Uptown Girls and Dr. Seuss, but she nailed it with Man on Fire. I hope she makes it out of the child-actor stage -- I have high hopes for her, since she's got such a mature delivery.

Anonymous said...

Bex did you grow up in Glen Rock NJ?